What is Ecourbanism?


The term ecourbanism, coined by Manuel Ruano in 1999, can be defined as “the development of multi-dimensional sustainable human communities within harmonious and balanced environments.” This site serves as a hub for our explorations in the practice, policy, and ideas around such ecourban development at the neighbourhood scale, around the world.

On this site you will find posts related to the research of our network, from the raw to the more refined, and from multiple perspectives, as well as links to our published works.  We hope to make new connections across the wide range of research, practice, and other kinds of reflections revolving around the concept of ecourbanism and welcome participation on our blog.

We invite you to visit “Contact Us” to provide your comments on our work. And if you are politician, professional, student or researcher interested in ecourbanism trends around the world, please check the box to indicate your interest in joining our network. Then you will receive our occasional news.