Activities and objectives

Ecourbanism research network brings together mainly students and researchers in urban planning, but also professionals who wish to exchange information and data, collaborate in research work, participate in symposiums or simply keep up to date with the latest news on eco-neighbourhoods.

The main objective of this network is to build on past experiences to improve planning practices and thus accelerate the transition towards a more resilient, frugal, low-carbon, inclusive and equitable city. To achieve this objective, the Ecourbanim research network will focus on four types of actions :

  • Identify and map different eco-neighbourhoods under development or already delivered around the world to establish a critical analyses ;
  • engage in collective and international research programmes to improve knowledge about sustainable urban development or renewal, leading to the publication of articles and books ;
  • facilitate exchanges between the different members of the network through the development of a discussion blog ;
  • organize an annual international seminar to enable network members to meet and present their work in progress.