Francesco Ales


Francesco Ales is a recent master’s graduate from Urban and Regional Planning, with courses based on an international curriculum (Planning for the Global Urban Agenda – PGUA) at the Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning, School of Planning and Design, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.

He studied as a master’s exchange student at the Department of Urban Engineering of The University of Tokyo, Japan, working on his final master’s thesis related to smart and resilient cities to climate change and environmental disasters at the Urban Land Use Planning Unit.

Francesco also  studied at the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape at Newcastle University, England, as an exchange student as part of his Bachelor’s program where he enrolled in courses on planning, sustainability, globalisation and social justice theories, as well as design methodologies.

Francesco volunteered as an Assistant Facilitator for the World Towns Leadership Summit 2019 – Tokyo, Japan, coordinating the discussions on Day 2 (May 14th), which debated local and global urban issues such as competitiveness of cities, regional growth, creativity, place making and social change.

Moreover, Francesco completed an internship as an urban planner at the ARCHIVA Studio of Turin, Italy, working on different problems related to urban and regional planning, in particular on projects looking at different planning scales (local, municipal, territorial and European level).

Projects I’ve been working on

Le Albere, Trento, Italy

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, Fujisawa, Japan