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Meg Holden


Meg Holden is professor and director of the Urban Studies program and professor in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a PhD in Public and Urban Policy from the New School for Social Research, a MSc in Geography from Rutgers University and a BSc(Hons) Geography from the University of Victoria. Her research program examines urban policy, planning and social aspects of sustainable development intentions and transitions in cities and communities, with a foci in measurement, social and community qualities and theories, and local democracy and justice. Her book Pragmatic Justifications for the Sustainable City: Acting in the common place was published in 2017 by Routledge. Together with Cédissia About and Claire Doussard, she is coeditor of the 2019 book, (re)Penser la ville du XXIe siècle: 20 ans d’écoquartiers dans le monde (Paris, Dunod). 

Projects I’ve been working on

Dockside Green, Victoria, Canada

Olympic Village, Vancouver, Canada

Fréquel Fontarabie, Paris, France



About, C., Doussard, C., & Holden, M. (2019). (re)penser la ville du 21ème siècle—20 ans d’écoquartiers dans le monde. Edition Dunod, Paris, France, 224p.

Book section

Airas, A., Larsen, M., & Holden, M. (2019). Social sustainability and ecourban neighbourhoods. In M. R. Shirazi & R. Keivani, Urban Social Sustainability: Theory, practice and policy. (p. 234).

Journal articles

Holden, M. (2019). Bringing the Neighbourhood Into Urban Infill Development in the Interest of Well-Being. International Journal of Community Well-Being, 1(2), 137–155.

Holden, M. (2018). Community Well-Being in Neighbourhoods: Achieving Community and Open-Minded Space through Engagement in Neighbourhoods. International Journal of Community Well-Being, 1(1), 45–61.

Holden, M., Li, C., Molina, A., & Sturgeon, D. (2016). New actors and intermediary roles in the craft of ecourban neighbourhoods. Articulo Journal of Urban Research, 14.

Sturgeon, D., Holden, M., & Molina, A. (2016). What does neighborhood theory mean for ecourbanism. Introduction to the Themed Issue on ‘Ecourbanism Worldwide’. Articulo Journal of Urban Research, 14.

Conference papers

Holden, M., & Li, C. (2014). The emergence and spread of eco-urban developments around the world. Proceedings of the 4th World Sustainability Forum (WSF-2014), Basel, Switzerland, 1–30.