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Akito Murayama


Akito Murayama, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.  

Akito received a City Planning Institute of Japan Paper Encouragement Award in 2004 (City Planning Institute of Japan) for his Ph.D. thesis, a Landscape Installation Award in 2013 (Nihon Mokuzai Seisounen Dantai Rengokai 16th Wood Utilization Contest) for the Nishiki 2 Street Wood Deck Project, and a Literature Award in 2015 (Japan Association for Human and Environmental Symbiosis) for the co-authored book on urban and regional sustainability assessment.  

Akito co-authored English books, including “Living Cities in Japan: Citizens’ Movements, Machizukuri and Local Environments” (Routledge, 2007), “Innovations in Collaborative Urban Regeneration” (Springer, 2009), “Urban Resilience – A Transformative Approach” (Springer, 2016), “Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Contributions from Japan and Germany to Make Cities More Environmentally Sustainable” (Springer, 2018) and “(re)Penser la ville du XXIe siècle – 20 ans d’écoquartiers dans le monde” (Dunod, 2019).

Akito teaches land use planning for undergraduate students, urban planning theory for graduate students and planning studios for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Akito also participates in planning and community development practices including Nagoya City Master Plan (2011 and 2020), Low Carbon City Nagoya Strategy Action Plan (2011), Nagakute City Kouennishi Station Area Low Impact Development Master Plan (2013), Shizuoka City Master Plan (2016), Yokosuka City Master Plan (2016) as well as a community-driven initiative in Nishiki 2 District in Nagoya City.  In Nishiki 2 District, he has taken a lead in developing Nishiki 2 District Vision (2011), applying to Nagoya City Low Carbon Model District (2015) and managing community-led low carbon projects.

Projects I’ve been working on

Nishiki 2, Nagoya, Japan



Cassatella, C., & Murayama, A. (2018). Planning for the global urban agenda. Shaping ecodistricts in Tokyo suburbs. Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.

Book section

Murayama, A. (2017). Reconsidering Urban Planning Through Community-based Initiatives. In B. Müller & H. Shimizu, Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Contributions from Japan and Germany to Make Cities More Environmentally Sustainable. Springer, Berlin, Germany.

Murayama, A. (2019). Le projet Nishiki 2 low-carbon District, Nagoya, Japon. In C. About, C. Doussard, & M. Holden, (re)penser la ville du 21ème siècle—20 ans d’écoquartiers dans le monde. Edition Dunod, Paris, France.

Journal articles

Sharifi, A., & Murayama, A. (2013). A critical review of seven selected neighborhood sustainability assessment tools. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 38, 73–87.

Sharifi, A., & Murayama, A. (2015). Viability of using global standards for neighbourhood sustainability assessment: Insights from a comparative case study. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 58(1), 1–23.