Funabashi Morino City

This site was a former factory site of 17.6 hectares, located in the suburban area of metropolitan Tokyo. It has now been transformed into a complex urban area with multi-functional facilities such as collective housing, individual accommodations, large parks, childcare centers, commercial facilities, and a hospital. 

Dates of completion 2009-2014
Surface area17.6 ha
LocalizationKitahoncho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba prefecture, Japan
Project descriptionUrban Renewal project – 1497 units of collective housing, 42 individual housings, shopping center, children care center, hospital, public parks
CertificationCASBEE town(2014), Ecoquartier label (2016)


In 2001, Funabashi City initiated a planning analysis of this site.  By 2009, the local government decided that the development on this site would be used to promote Funabashi as a city that supports convenient and healthy lifestyles in harmony with the surrounding environment. Working with the private sector, the City developed the Funabashi Morino City project as an example of a comfortable and healthy living neighborhood.


This project was mainly conducted by Nomura Real Estate Development and Mitsubishi Corporation in cooperation with local government and its inhabitants.

Sustainable development

The strength of this project is found in its success in collaborating with many actors during both the implementation of the project and in the establishment of the new community. As established in its vision, this project was successful in creating multi-generational and multi-functional spaces in a new local community. This project also highlighted the importance of acknowledging regional social issues when creating sustainable neighborhoods, as well as the importance of taking a holistic approach by considering the necessary urban functions in addition to utilizing advanced environmental technologies.  Furthermore, for realizing a sustainable neighborhood and city, efforts needed to be made to maintain the neighborhood cohesiveness. Therefore, engagement of a diversity of actors and stakeholders is an essential element when developing new sustainable neighbourhoods.

Researchers working on this project

Ai Nishimura